Tackling The Practicality Of Additional Escape Cores

In a dynamic move towards enhancing building safety, the UK government has set its sights on new regulations for residential structures over six storeys. The spotlight is on the introduction of second escape cores, with an 18m height threshold, aiming to provide alternative escape routes and dedicated fire-fighting stairs. It’s key to note that this shift is not a hinderance but an opportunity to benefit a scheme. As the industry adapts to these changes, Flexi Group emerges as a key player with innovative solutions that align seamlessly with the evolving landscape.

Understanding the Transition Period

With the confirmation of the 18m height threshold for second staircases, the government has also announced a 30-month transition period. This grace period begins once the Building Safety Regulator officially confirms the Approved Document B. In a recent statement, Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities, emphasised the importance of adherence to the new guidelines. Approved applications not in compliance within the stipulated timeframe will require a new building regulations application, in line with the updated guidance.

Flexi’s Commitment to Compliance

Flexi Group, a leading name in innovative building solutions, recognises the significance of these regulatory changes. Our commitment to safety and practicality aligns seamlessly with the government’s vision. We understand the challenges developers and architects face during this transition, and we are here to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed the new standards.

Introducing Flexi Stair and Flexi Socket

Flexi Stair is a product designed to be a versatile and efficient and perfect for use for an alternative escape route, and suited for buildings over six storeys. With its adaptable and space-saving design, Flexi Stair seamlessly integrates into existing designs, ensuring a smooth transition to compliance with the new regulations. Whether you are an architect, or developer, Flexi Stair is a reliable choice that prioritises safety without compromising aesthetics.

Flexi Socket, another jewel in our product lineup, allows for Flexi Balustrade to be fitted to pre-cast stairs on transport, on site where it is lifted and installed to provide an immediate safe working edge. Our specialist, unique design eliminates delays of egress and ingress within the cores and also requires zero hot works throughout the installation process meaning there is no closure of the core resulting in faster project completion times and zero disruption to follow on trades.

Why Flexi?

Flexi Group brings decades of expertise to the table, combining a forward-thinking approach with cutting-edge technology. Our products are not just compliant; they are crafted to elevate the standards of safety, functionality, and aesthetics in every project. As the industry undergoes this transformative phase, Flexi Group stands as a reliable partner, offering solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but redefine industry expectations.

In conclusion, the introduction of second escape cores brings both challenges and opportunities for the construction and development sector. Flexi Group is here to navigate these changes with you, providing solutions that not only address the regulatory landscape but elevate the safety and practicality of your projects. 

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