Flexi Socket - The Innovative Cast-In-Connection Solution for Concrete Stairs

Concrete stairs have always been a popular choice in construction projects due to their durability, strength, and low maintenance requirements. However, the process of connecting the stairs to the building structure can often be time-consuming, complex and requires a lot of labour. We are delighted to launch our solution with our Flexi Stair, in the form of Flexi Socket, an innovative cast in connection solution for concrete stairs.

What is Flexi Socket?

Flexi Socket is a revolutionary product that simplifies the process of connecting balustrade to precast stairs. It is a cast-in-connection solution that eliminates the need for complex steelwork, welding or drilling, and ensures faster and more efficient installation.

How Does It Work?

Flexi Socket is a pre-formed socket that is inserted into the concrete stair while it is being cast. Once the concrete is set, the socket becomes an integral part of the stair structure. The socket has a threaded connection point that protrudes from the stair, which is used to connect the balustrade to the precast stair. This connection point has a tolerance that allows for easy adjustment of the stair during installation and ensures a strong and secure connection.

We work in collaboration with your precast stair supplier, providing a free issued socket to be included in your concrete flights. The balustrade attaches directly to the cast in socket, eliminating the need for complex steelwork, welding or drilling, allows for immediate ingress and egress of the core, provides immediate fall protection and ensures faster and more efficient installation. A survey of the landing returns is carried out to accommodate any precast stair fitment issues.

The Flexi Socket has been designed to provide optimum tolerance adaptability, that can create a return that allows for stair setting out tolerances, to allow for 12-13mm of tolerance that can be created on both axes.

Flexi Socket In Situ

Advantages of Flexi Socket

Time-Saving Solution: Flexi Socket eliminates the need for complex steelwork, welding, or drilling, which can significantly reduce the installation time of concrete stairs.

Cost-Effective: Since there is no need for welding or drilling, the cost of labour and materials is reduced, making Flexi Socket a cost-effective solution.

Versatile: Flexi Socket is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects, making it a versatile solution for connecting concrete stairs.

High Load Capacity: Flexi Socket has been tested and proven to have high load capacity, making it suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

Easy to Install: The installation of Flexi Socket is simple and requires no special skills or tools, making it an easy and hassle-free solution.



Added Sustainability and Service

All of the Flexi product solutions provides enhanced site safety standards by providing an immediate safe working edge, which results in – no drilling, dust or noise and no welding hazards in core.

Along with offering sustainability credentials in our supply chain with our facilities being powered by green tariff energy.

Flexi Group’s unique end-to-end service capabilities provide excellence in quality and service.

A Game Changer

In summary, the Flexi Socket is a game-charger for the concrete stairs industry. It simplifies the installation process, reduces labour and material costs, and ensures a strong and secure connection. This innovative product is versatile, cost-effective and easy to install, making it an ideal choice for both new construction and renovation projects.

Its adjustability, strength, and versatility make it an attractive solution for contractors and building owners alike. By simplifying the installation process and reducing the time and cost associated with traditional installation methods, the Flexi Socket is sure to become a go-to solution for concrete stairs in the years to come.


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