Why is this important?

Being a Made in Britain member guarantees that we manufacture our products in Britain. We do so being based in the South East of England, Essex. The accompanying quality reassurance mark offers peace of mind to both our providers and customers.

Flexi Group - Lightweight Stairs
Flexi Group - Lightweight Stairs

‘Made in Britain’ provides even greater benefits throughout our supply-chain, ensuring a lower carbon footprint, employment for our teams in Britain and using the best quality British produced steel in our Flexi product range. Furthermore, we are currently working hard preparing sustainability studies on our own products and identifying strengths in our local, or low mileage supply-chains.

Our membership with Made in Britain guarantees that we comply with product-specific legislation, regulations, codes, standards and other third party requirements regarding materials, performance, contaminants and product safety criteria.

Flexi Group UK Are Proud To Renew Our Made In Britain Commitment

We are proud that as members that we comply with all relevant legislation prohibiting the restraint of trade, unfair practices and abuse of economic powers. This mark also guarantees that we adhere to all relevant health and safety laws and regulations, providing a clean and safe environment in which to work.

The Made in Britain mark further provides reassurance that Flexi Group UK abide by all regulations set out by the UK government regarding anti-slavery, child labour, anti-bribery/anti-corruption. As Members we always act fairly and ethically in all our commercial activities, by not engaging in any corrupt activity or act of bribery.

Do have a look at the Made in Britain website to find British made products, to search and buy UK made products, there are some great businesses and British artisans and craftspeople that would really love your support. https://www.madeinbritain.org

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